terms & conditions

VELMA booking conditions Article 1 General Remarks

The following provisions are intended to govern legal relations between models, model agencies and the respective clients in a binding manner, unless other agreements shall have been expressly made for specific cases. The members of VELMA, the models they represent and the clients of these models shall be protected from expectations and demands which are not common practice in the trade.

Article 2 Basis for booking

(1) The agency shall make declarations to the client in the name and on behalf of the model. A client shall be defined as one who books with the agency, unless otherwise agreed in writing at the time of booking.

(2) The client shall owe the agency a commission. Unless agreed otherwise, this commission shall amount to 20 % of the model's fee, or of the cancellation fee, plus VAT.

The agency shall not bear any liability arising from this arranged legal relationship. Any claims of the client against the model may not be offset against the agency's claim to a commission, nor shall the client be entitled to exercise a right of retention.

(3) The client also shall owe the agency a commission for subsequent bookings as long as the model is represented by the agency. The client shall undertake to refrain from direct bookings which circumvent the agency.

Article 3 Details of Bookings
(1) Options

Options are reservations subject to a binding date. An option shall terminate if the client shall not make a confirmed booking no later than three workdays (by 6:00 p.m.) before the start of work or within one workday after being requested to do so by the agency. Saturdays and Sundays shall not be considered workdays. German calendar time shall apply.

Options shall be noted down in the order in which they are received. If a client's option is not the first option for a specific model, the client shall be informed of his option's priority. If an option should lapse, subsequent options shall move up in priority.